The applicable quality management system at the factories incorporated in Cable Alliance Holding Ltd is certified to meet GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015). All manufactured products comply with international and foreign standards.

Wire and cable range of the Holding amounts to over 40 groups.

Product catalog


Wire and cable range of Cable Alliance Holding, Corp.:

  • Energy cables and wires:
    - Power cables for voltage of up to 3 kV for stationary laying;
    - MV and HV XLPE insulated power cables rated 6 to 110 kV;
    - Self-supporting isolated medium voltage wires and cables with isolated messenger;
    - Non-isolated wires for overhead power lines;
    - Enamel and fiber insulated winding wires;
    - Installation wires and cables.
  • Cables for nuclear industry:
    - Cables listed in Cables for nuclear power stations (STO;
    - Ceramic silicon rubber insulated fire-resistant cables;
    - Flexible flame-retardant PU sheathed cables.
  • Wires and cables for construction and repair:
    - Power cables including high fireproof cables: low smoke (нг(A)-FRLS), halogen – free (нг(A)-FRHF), flame resistant, low toxic (нг(A)-FRLSLTx);
    - Wires for monolithic concrete heating;
    - Cables for fire and security alarm systems;
    - Flexible cables for lifting and conveyor systems.
  • Wires and cables for oil and gas industry:
    - Well down oil pump cables;
    - Flexible control cables NIKI®;
    - Winding wires for submersible motors;
    - High temperature fluoroplastic insulation cables;
    - Wires and cables for geophysical works applications.
  • Wires and cables for metallurgical industry:
    - Cables for electric arc welding and electric furnace;
    - Thermocouple cables and wires;
    - High-temperature cables.
  • Wires and cables for Railway and rolling stock:
    - TRANSCAB heat resistant, high fire safety cables and wires including fire-resistant ones;
    - Security cables including firerestant ones (halogen-free, low smoke).
  • Cables for shipbuilding:
    Ship cables including high fireproof cables.
  • Cables for metal mining industry:
    - Mine cables including featuring improved technical and operating characteristics;
    - HV cables for earthmoving, mining and other machines and gears;
    - Power cables for fixed laying;
    - Mine communication cables including telephone ones.
  • Telecom wires and cables:
    - Telephone wires and cables;
    - Cables for local, long-distance and trunk communication;
    - Cables for structured twisted pair cable connection systems;
    - Fiber optic cables;
    - RF cables;
    - Communication cables with a high degree of protection against unauthorized connection to communication lines.
  • Automobile cables:
    - Automobile and tractor wires including ultraflexible ones;
    - Ultraflexible thin-walled wires for highway vehicle applications;
    - High-voltage wires for ignition systems.
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Rubber compounds:
    - Cable rubber compounds as per TU 16.K71-098-90;
    - Conductive rubber compounds;
    - Pelletized rubber compound for cables' inner sheaths and cable interstice filling;
    - D-51 natural rubber stock for shock-absorbing strength members;
    - Rubber compounds for products which are operated in contact with oils and fuels (ШП-37, МБП-45 and НО-68 grades; oil resistant, flame retardant ШНП-50 and ШНП-55 grades);
    - Rubber compounds in 4.95 to 10.00 mm thick strips;
    - Pelletized rubber compounds;
    - Calendered rubber compound grades: ШВПМ-50, ТСШМ-38, ШБТМ-40, ПИ-35 and ВЭПМ-30.
  • Wire meshes:
    - Woven wire gauzes with square meshes as per GOST 6613-86 Л-80, НП-2, БрОФ 6.5-04;
    - Wire meshes for metallic laboratory wire mesh test sieves as per GOST R 51568-99 (DIN ISO 3310-1:1990) Control meshes;
    - Woven copper wire gauzes as per TU 16.К68-01-88;
    - Woven filter wire gauzes as per GOST 3187-76;
    - Stainless steel wire meshes GOST 3826-82;
    - Woven filter nickel wire gauzes as per TU 16-538.082-75;
    - Woven filter stainless steel wire gauzes as per TU 16.К71-144-91;
    - Woven copper wire gauzes with square meshes as per TU 16-501.009-73 M1.
  • Drawing die tools:
    - Polycrystalline diamond drawing dies with hole diameter range 0.4 to 2.5 mm;
    - Hard alloy drawing dies ВК-á and ВК-9 with hole diameter range 0.4 to 7.0 mm.
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